Dont Let Your Smart Lock Lock You Out

March 14th, 2019

People have been getting into buildings in Rochester Hills, MI and around the world in the same for centuries; using a key to unlock a door, to open it and gain entry. But these days, there’s a modern twist securing doors known as a “smart lock.”

A true product of the 21st century, a smart lock is still a lock, but where the “smart” comes in is that the lock operates on a combination of software and hardware, and may even be connected to the Internet. It means that if you want to get into your home or workplace in Rochester Hills, MI you no longer need a key! Instead, you may use an electronic keypad, speak out a password, show your face, your eye or a fingerprint, or even get a digital key automatically detected in your smartphone, so the lock opens your door! For some people, this is convenient and saves seconds of digging out a key, but for the physically disabled this is a great way to lock and unlock doors easily, that is also secure.

There’s A Catch

However, a smart lock, while more secure than a traditional lock—due to the lack of keyhole for lock-picking—isn’t totally invulnerable. Smart locks are, after all, electronic in nature. This means that, depending on the situation, as a neighborhood-wide power blackout, you may run into a situation where your smart lock no longer functions. If this happens, what do you do?

Fortunately, there are a few contingencies that you can take to ensure that if your smart lock isn’t cooperating, there are still ways that gain entry into your building. It just takes a little foresight and planning.

Monitor Battery Usage

In some cases, smart locks will have a battery system in place to ensure that even if there is no electricity available, the lock itself will continue to function. Of course, this is only true as long as the battery powering the lock also has energy. Make sure you know when it’s time to replace the battery in your smart lock, and do it before the battery’s energy is down to a sliver. Trying to squeeze every last bit of power from a battery to get your money’s worth may risk needing to pay for a locksmith to get into your building.

Enable Your GPS System

Some smart locks rely on detecting your phone within a 150’ range and having your phone confirm and report back its position, thus authorizing the smart lock to unlock as you approach your home automatically.

However, sometimes due to software errors, your phone may not be automatically reporting its position correctly to the lock. In such cases, you may have to access your phone, and enable the GPS function manually, so your phone can properly calibrate its position and report back to the lock.

Smart locks are a great and convenient way to get more easy access and security in Rochester Hills, MI, but don’t assume the technology is perfect. Sometimes things can go wrong, but with a little preparation, you can quickly overcome these speed bumps.