Planning A Big Event? Be Sure Your Security System Can Cover It

June 14th, 2019

If you’re in charge of an event in Rochester Hills, MI, you know that security is going to be a tough job. Add in a few high profile guests, and safety issues become more important than ever. Though having a few well-placed security guards throughout the area will give you protection, you’re going to need to think bigger if you have guests such as:

  • Politicians

  • Professional Athletes

  • Movie Stars

  • Celebrities

  • High Profile Business Owners

Enhance Your Physical Security

Additional levels of security can help your guards when they can’t be in two places at once. Security camera rentals can provide an extra layer of protection for all of your guests throughout the event. Staff can monitor entryways and exits, but security cameras can monitor everyplace in between. 

If the event has a staging area, or a private room for high-profile guests, security cameras can help them feel safer. You can keep an eye on unwanted guests who might be looking for a selfie. And if an unfortunate incident does occur, you’ll have the video evidence to hold the intruder accountable. 

Keep in mind that security cameras should not replace physical security; they should only enhance it. Security team members can walk the floor while the security cameras act as your eyes in the sky. Whoever monitors the security camera feed can keep their eye out for suspicious activity and potential acts of violence. Staff on the floor can be alerted in real time to stop the action before it starts. 

On-Site Support--No Matter How Big The Venue

Whatever the size of your location or event, there are plenty of security camera options that will meet your needs. As long as the venue has power, there are solutions that can provide internet connections. Many wireless networks are rated for long distances up to 3 miles with enough bandwidth for smooth transition of camera feeds.   

When choosing a security camera rental company in Rochester Hills, MI, look for one that provides a support technician who will stay on site during the event. Not only will they help with camera placement before the event begins, they can provide assistance should anything happen during the event. This will ensure that the evening goes smoothly from beginning to end.  

The Best Security For Any Event

For an event that features high-profile guests, nothing should stand in the way of top-notch security. Going above and beyond means having both physical security and security cameras to monitor everything that goes in in real time. Let us experts work with you to ensure that you have the best.

We offer a variety of security cameras with the features you need to cover any big event in Rochester Hills, MI. From night time infrared imaging to facial recognition, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to cover your next reception, party, or other occasion. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you stay safe and secure through surveillance.