The Downfalls Of Theft And How To Prevent It

October 24th, 2019

One of the biggest nightmares of storeowners is theft and especially getting robbed. There’s nothing worse than losing your merchandise because some bad individuals decided to attack your store. There are ways to prevent petty theft and robbery but before we get to that, let’s first talk about the downfalls of theft first.


Financial Losses

The obvious downfall of theft is financial losses. As you lose merchandise without getting payment in return, not only will you not make money, you’ll lose some along the way. Even if it’s just a few dollars stolen by shoplifters, the losses will eventually ramp up as it happens again and again.


Stores tend to lose a lot more when the cashiers are held up and the registers are bled dry. Major financial losses can eventually lead to an establishment closing down and that’s something that every store owner wants to prevent.


Loss Of Customers

Once your store becomes infamous for getting held up or shoplifted, people will be less trusting of your establishment as well. In time, fewer and fewer customers will enter your store. This will lead to even more financial losses on your end but most importantly, these could lead to empty aisles and an inventory that doesn’t get used.


Endangerment Of Customers And Staff

Criminals are unpredictable. They could go in to steal a few items but if they are nudged the wrong way, they could turn to violence to escape. Obviously, such criminals put the store’s staff and its customers in serious danger. The last thing you want in your store is trouble for those that are in it. As the store owner, it’s your job to protect your people and your customers. There are even bigger legal and consequential downsides to this happening so avoid it at all cost.


How To Prevent It?

There are numerous ways to prevent theft. Storeowners should take the time and make the proper investments in these tips we have below:

  • Install a security and surveillance system - Security systems are more advanced than ever. They include high-res cameras, automated alarms, and so many more. Investing in the right surveillance system goes a long way in terms of protecting the store from criminals.
  • Train Staff - A store’s staff is its first line of defense against criminals. Giving them the right tools and training to respond against robberies and shoplifting can do wonders for a store and all of its customers.
  • Rely On Automation - Automation is not just used to increase comfortability, it can also be used for security. For instance, doors can be locked immediately once a staff member presses a certain button. Automation can do a lot of things for stores but the security it adds is definitely top-notch.


Shoplifting and other forms of theft are still pretty common. At C4 Security, we strive to prevent such cases from happening and you can turn to us if you want to protect yourself further.