What Do Security Cameras Do For Your Seasonal Shutdowns?

August 15th, 2019

Seasonal shutdowns are a common practice in just about all manufacturing plants. These are done for a variety of reasons, but mostly to address maintenance concerns and install new pieces of equipment that will keep the plant up and running smoothly throughout the year. These periods of time are incredibly important, and they may even be used to install security solutions within the plant that can benefit yearlong operations. 

Installing security cameras during shutdown periods provides many benefits, and it’s something that manufacturing plants should consider to maximize their production and their efficiency throughout the year and for many years to come. 

Why Install Security Cameras During This Time?

For manufacturing plants who haven’t invested in security cameras yet, or those looking to upgrade their security, seasonal shutdown time should be the top time to consider making this investment. A few specific reasons to opt for seasonal shutdowns for your security camera upgrades or installations are: 

  • Minimal disruption – By opting for seasonal shutdown times, you’re minimizing the disruption an installation may bring to your everyday operations and the employees that work in your facility. If you decide to have your installation or upgrade performed during normal working operations, certain areas might be off limits as technicians try to get into certain spaces in order to install your cameras. These off limits areas might be where employees work, and they’ll need to take unnecessary breaks while the installations are performed. During seasonal shutdown time, however, technicians can get in, install, and get out with minimal inconvenience. 

  • Protection when you need it – Installing security cameras during your seasonal shutdown also gives you protection just when you need it. When you come back from this shutdown period, you’ll be ready to have your manufacturing completely monitored going forward. This monitoring can help to deter criminals, catch those who may carry out a break-in or theft, or put to rest fraudulent insurance claims. When you come back from your shutdown period, you’ll have a full peace of mind you didn’t have before. 

  • Keep the workplace safer – Your camera installation or upgrade will also help to keep the workplace safer during the shutdown and going forward. Cameras installed during a shutdown period can begin working as soon as the installation is complete, therefore overseeing the rest of the shutdown and everyday operations once the shutdown is over. What you get is a safer workplace and a workplace that allows you to more easily spot any safety issues before they turn into incidents. 

The Perfect Time For Installation

While a seasonal shutdown is a perfect time to opt for a security camera installation, there is no wrong time to increase or improve your security. Today’s busy manufacturing plants can be vulnerable to fraud, break-in, or theft, and your security cameras are your best defense against such actions. If you’d like to learn more about installing security cameras in your manufacturing facility, contact us at C4 Security for more information today.