The Right Way To Hide Home Security Cameras

October 17th, 2019

Covert surveillance lets you know what’s really going on in your home, but these small cameras only work when they’re placed strategically. Not only do these covert cameras keep an eye on burglars or vandals who may make their way into your home, but they also capture every day of what’s really going on while you’re not there to oversee things yourself. Are your kids really coming home to do their homework? Is your babysitter really engaging with the little ones? Which dog tore up that throw pillow you loved so much? Covert security cameras in the home can tell you all of this and more.


Before getting into the right way to hide your security cameras, there are some important things to keep in mind. Legally, hidden security cameras in the home should be kept in public areas of the home only, which means kitchens, living rooms, game rooms, and family room spaces where a certain level of privacy is not expected. They cannot be placed in private bedroom areas or bathrooms.


Tips For Hiding Your Home Security Cameras


A few tips can make sure you hide your security cameras effectively around the home, and reap all the rewards that covert security cameras have to offer. Tips for hiding your home security cameras include: ‘


  • Use strategic placement – Strategic placement of covert security cameras take your main security concerns and use them as a focus for where you install your security cameras. For instance, if you’re looking to make sure your babysitter is taking good care of your little one, installation in the nursery on a bureau might be an effective strategic placement option. If you’re looking to make sure the kids are coming home and getting right down to their homework, you might place a camera in the vase by the dining room table.


  • Use common household items – When you’re hiding a covert camera, you’ll want to place it somewhere where no one will pay any attention. This often means using common household items to your advantage. Few will really take notice of that photo frame on the mantle, so maybe this location is a simple one for camera placement.


  • Use your vertical space – When you’re placing a security camera, you’ll want to capture as much space as possible in your footage. Using vertical space and utilizing household items like a clock or television for placing your cameras keeps them unnoticeable while keeping them up high to see as much as possible.


Keep Watch On Your Home


Covert security cameras keep watch on your home and provide a level of peace of mind that hits on all angles. Not only will you have the footage you need in the event of a break-in or other catastrophe, but you’ll also have an eye on what is going on in your home at all times. For more on strategic camera placement or the benefits of covert home security cameras, contact us at Circuit Pro today.