3 Ways Security Cameras Improve Your Home

July 9th, 2019

When most people see security cameras in Rochester Hills, MI, it’s usually in stores, where they can see the “dome cameras” in the ceilings, with a monitor showing footage of different areas of the store, to give people a good idea of just how futile it is to attempt shoplifting. 

But keeping businesses safe in Rochester Hills, MI isn’t the only thing security camera systems are good for. They can also do a great job of protecting you and your family in your residence. What can a security camera system for you in your home? Here are the three big benefits.

It’s A Deterrent On Your Property

The reason security cameras are effective in retail settings is that they send a clear message to thieves; you are being watched, and everything is being recorded. This means they know that if they attempt to break and enter, shoplift, or even threaten staff, everything is caught on camera, and it can be used to aid the police in an investigation, and ultimately go to court as evidence the prosecution will use to get a guilty verdict. In other words, security cameras make life hell for criminals.

The same applies to your property. A thief understands that there’s a huge risk involved in attempting criminal activity when camera surveillance is present. Camera systems tell thieves to keep walking and rob someone else who is less well protected.

It Can Help Your Family

Security cameras don’t have to be strictly outside the home; they can be inside as well. Why would you want to do this? Cameras in the home can ensure that visitors on their best behavior, such as baby sitters taking care of your children, and not inviting friends over. The same cameras can also be valuable in discipline since if your children grow older and start sneaking out of the house, a camera will catch them in the act.

Perhaps the most important function these cameras can perform is protecting your elderly parents. Once parents get to a certain age, health deterioration can result in mobility conditions and other impairments. One fall can leave an older person injured and unable even to reach a phone to call for help. A camera, however, can see this, and you can check on them and respond.

It Can Help Your Neighborhood

If you add cameras that point outward, not just at your points of entry like doors and windows, but towards the sidewalk and streets, this not only increases your radius of security protection, but it can be an invaluable aid for protecting your entire neighborhood.

For example, if there is a hit and run, and a child is injured, if the car drives past your home, a good HD camera will capture everything, including color and make of the car, and maybe even the license plate, preventing the driver from getting away with it.

Security cameras for your home in Rochester Hills, MI can bring a lot of benefits. If you’d like to enjoy them, C4 Security is happy to help. Contact us let us know what you’re thinking. We’ll provide the advice and expertise that ensures your home gets the extra security coverage it deserves.