A Home Security System Can Fit Your Budget

June 21st, 2019

With the advancement of today’s smart home technology, the cost of protecting your home and property; not to mention giving you peace of mind has now become affordable to every homeowner’s budget. So what are some options for a security system when it comes to prices that will fit your pocketbook?


Home Security Options 

The two systems that are most commonly recommended for security needs on a budget include the 1080p eight channel security system and the 4K spotlight security camera system:

  • 1080p Eight Channel Security System: This is a professional grade home surveillance system. With this system, you can connect up to eight security camera systems to cover all areas of your home. Keep in mind to notify your insurance company as most security systems like the 1080p eight channel security system lowers your homeowner premiums with most insurance policies.

  • 4k Spotlight Security Cameras: Included with this camera is a high-resolution video that will give you facial features, clothing colors, license plates, etc.and a built-in microphone that will record audio of the intruder’s activity. 

  • Smart Video Doorbell: A smart video doorbell monitors who is at the door. You are notified via an app on your smartphone and you do not have to be home to answer and talk to the person who is at the door. Many video doorbells also have the ability to lock and unlock your door to allow packages to be delivered safely.


Get A Home Security System

With today’s smart technology home security systems, protecting your home, personal belongings, and keeping your family safe and sound is an option that fits into every budget. More importantly, they keep the family safe. That safety is priceless.