Are My Outdoor Security Cameras At Risk?

February 22nd, 2019

While a home break-in is likely not a personal attack, the vulnerability one feels after experiencing one sure makes it feel that way. One-way burglars and criminals approach break-ins in homes with security cameras is by disabling or cutting the wires of the security cameras located outside. By doing this, they’re able to roam freely about the property without being caught on camera, and homeowners are left feeling as though their investment in home security had little value. 

While some outdoor security cameras may be at risk, there are ways to mitigate these risks and ramp up the value of the security you get from your chosen system. 

Common Security Threats And Solutions 

With any security system, there are some threats to pay attention to. Luckily, however, these threats also come along with solutions you can use to counterbalance them and ensure a secure space. A few common security threats and solutions are: 

  • Jamming wireless systems – Wireless security systems are more popular than ever. Wireless technology has made just about all aspects of life more convenient, and security is no exception to this rule. These systems use top of the line technology, and they’re incredibly simple to successfully install.

    Tech savvy criminals, however, have found a way around wireless systems by “jamming” them. Jamming occurs when criminals block your security camera’s signal by using a much stronger signal on the same frequency your cameras use, essentially rendering your camera ineffective. While it takes a more sophisticated burglar to do this, and it is fairly rare, it does happen.

    The best way to avoid jamming is to avoid advertising the security system you use. You may advertise that your home is secured by camera technology, but not the brand or type of system you have in place. By keeping this confidential, burglars are less likely to find the frequency they need to jam your signal.

  • Cutting – Wired security systems are vulnerable to wire cutting. A simple pair of wire cutters is easy to keep on you, and they’re easily accessible to criminals. In some instances, a burglar may cut your main power line to stop all security cameras and any other devices all at once.

    Solutions to this problem are simple. Concealed telephone lines with power boxes don’t leave power lines exposed to the public, and even those who don’t live in a neighborhood with this benefit may opt for concealed lines for their property. Additionally, a person may wish to opt for wireless systems or those backed up by solar power or a generator supply.

Protect Your Cameras To Protect Your Home 

Protecting your security cameras, and any other measures you may have in place, will also protect your home. By keeping your cameras safe you may rest assured that any wrongdoing on or around your property will be captured, and you’ll have usable footage you can use as evidence should any type of crime occur. When a property owner learns to think as a burglar may think, they can keep their security safe from all angles.