Do Burglars Ever Strike Twice?

February 6th, 2019

Do Burglars Ever Strike Twice?

It’s never a good day when you come home to discover burglars have gotten inside and taken things out of your house.  It can be easy to panic and assume that the burglars will come back soon and take everything they left behind the first time.  But just how likely is a repeat burglary?

The Unfortunate Truth

Repeat burglaries are quite common.  According to one Florida study, around a quarter of all burglarized residences suffered a second break-in within a week of the first attack.  Within the first month, just over half had at least one extra break-in.  However, the homes that suffered most weren’t a random sampling.  There are several factors that can increase the likelihood of multiple burglaries.

The Factors Of Repeat Thefts

  • Homes in high crime areas are generally more likely to suffer burglaries, break-ins, and home invasions.

  • Residences where breaking in is easy are targeted more often.  This includes homes with no security system, homes where the front door is always left unlocked, and homes that stay vacant for several weeks or months at a time.
  • Damaged homes with broken windows or pried-off locks are easier to enter, so thieves will often return before the insurance pays out and the repair contractors fix the damage.
  • A burglar could feel more confident about breaking into a home when they don’t get caught the first time, and this may encourage them to do it again and pick up anything they didn’t grab the first time.        This is much more likely to happen if it looks like the home security setup looks the same as last time.

Things To Do To Prevent Repeat Thefts

  • Add security to your property, such as cameras and an alarm system.

  • Use house sitters, automatic lights, and mail holds to make it look like people are home even when you’re gone for a week or more.
  • Don’t announce your travel plans on social media.        Anyone can see where you plan to go and how long you plan to be there, including people who plan to steal your things while you’re out.
  • Repair any damage a burglar causes as soon as possible.  Take photos of the damage for insurance reasons, but as soon as the police are finished you should get right to work on repairs.
  • Get a noisy dog.  Even if your pet is playful and friendly to everyone, a lot of loud barking causes many thieves to turn around and find someplace quieter steal from.
  • Audit your home’s security.  Take stock of what succeeded and what failed and change your security setup to cover your weaknesses.  You might also want a professional to take a look.

Repeat burglaries are not only possible, they can be very common depending on where your home is and how you protect it.  You may think it’s too late to get a security system after a break-in, but because of this repeat chance one of the best times to upgrade your security is just after a burglary.  Not only does it help protect your property, it shows potential burglars that you are taking your safety seriously.