Do Burglars Return To Homes And Neighborhoods To Steal A Second Time?

May 30th, 2019

Having your Rochester Hills home robbed is a very traumatic experience. Whether you are home or not, this invasion can make you feel very unsafe. Sadly, after a robbery the worst may not be over. In fact, over half of the homes in Rochester Hills that have been robbed will experience a repeat theft within one month. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take after a robbery to keep your home protected against a second intrusion.

Why Robbers Return

It seems to go against common sense to return to a home you’ve already burgled. Often times, criminals are caught because they return to the scene of the crime. However, there are many incentives to try to rob a home for a second time including:

  • Thieves will come back for high value items they missed the first time. Typically, residential thefts are a quick money grab, so thieves will go for small high-value things like jewelry and guns. However, if they see larger items lie high-value electronics, they may return prepared to take the rest.
  • Thieves now know how to break into your home without being caught. If they break in successfully, they will believe they can do it again. They now know your home’s weaknesses so the second robbery may be worse than the first.
  • The damage they caused will help them commit a second crime. If they broke your door or windows to enter, thieves know those points will still be broken in a few days. These make easier entry points so they can take more.
  • Thieves know that you won’t expect them to return. As stated before, it seems to go against common sense. They will take advantage of this and go back in for more.
  • Thieves often target the same types of homes. They look for homes where people are gone a lot or homes with lots of high value items. So sometimes a repeat burglary will be a different culprit entirely.

Neighborhood Vulnerabilities Facilitate Repeat Crime

Finally, Rochester Hills is a relatively safe community, however there are certain neighborhoods that are simply more prone crime than others. These neighborhoods are not always what we expect either. Obviously, we know that the impoverished areas are more vulnerable to criminal activity. However, neighborhoods with lots of wealth, that seem safe, are also very vulnerable. 

What Can You Do To Prevent Theft A Second Time?

There are several steps you can take to prevent a second round of theft after a robbery including:

  • Install a home security system complete with alarms and surveillance cameras
  • Make it look like someone is always home with smart lights
  • Repair any damage to your home as soon as possible or at the minimum, block any broken points of entry
  • Start a neighborhood watch with your neighbors because if you get robbed, it’s likely they will as well
  • Get a watchdog to protect your home

All of these steps can help ensure that if criminals try to come back, they’ll either be deterred or caught.