What Kind Of Security Features Will Improve Your Home Safety

November 26th, 2019

Many houses use the same floorplans as each other, but even so every home is unique.  There may be different trees and bushes on your property, the curve of the land and the property could be unusual, or your house might not look like any of your neighbors’.  That’s why home security systems need to be unique, too.  Depending on where your house is, who passes by, and where the vulnerable locations are, you may want different safety features for your home.




Exterior lighting can be remarkably effective as a deterrent against nighttime burglars.  It can also help you see what you’re doing when you’re going to your car, working outside on a dark winter evening, or enjoying a backyard gathering on a summer Saturday night.  However, it’s important to choose bulbs and locations that can cover the most area without bothering the neighbors.  Interior lighting can also be a useful deterrent since automatic lights can convince a burglar watching your home that you’re still around even if you’re actually on vacation.




Visible security cameras are one of the best deterrents against burglary.  After all, if a camera can clearly see who comes to your door and the license plate of their vehicle, it can become much easier to catch a criminal.  However, that means you need to place your camera in the right spot so it can see cars that enter your driveway or park along the road nearby along with the people who come up to your front or side door.  Your property may have a good place for that, or it might be best to get multiple cameras.


Electronic Locks


Burglars are much more likely to go through a door than a window.  It’s more convenient and looks less suspicious, plus deadbolts aren’t that hard to get through.  Electronic locks can make it much harder for burglars to break in, but remember that they can check all the doors on your home.  If you put strong locks on your front and side doors, a burglar could still get in your house by breaking into your garage or by entering through the backdoor.  Be sure all your doors are equally secured.


Alarm Systems


A burglar alarm can include several sensors that will set it off.  Sensors on the door are common for obvious reasons, but you also might want motion detectors which are harder for a burglar to disable before they go off.  Glass-break sensors can also help if a burglar tries to get in through a window.  On top of that, your security system can also integrate other alarms for fires, floods, and carbon monoxide buildup.


There are a lot of ways that a security system can both protect your belongings and keep your loved ones safe.  That’s why you should consult with security experts like C4 Security before you make any purchases.  Whether you want to install your own security features or use our services like professional monitoring, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.