Tips For Improving School Safety And Security

July 19th, 2019

Keeping our children safe while they attend school is a problem with no simple solution. Threats come not only from outside but from inside the school as well. What is needed is a true system of overall security to reduce threats to our children.

Getting Started With School Safety

When it comes to school safety and security, a school’s internal and external environment regarding security and safety must be taken into consideration. Each school faces different potential threats depending on region, demographics, population, and community. School security needs to be addressed internally as well as externally.

Internal Security Measures For School Safety

There are several steps that schools can take internally to help ensure the safety of their students. Some of these include:

  • Create An Emergency Plan:  Having a good and effective emergency plan in place is vital and  should focus on the following procedures:

    • Evacuation Routes

    • Emergency Communications 

    • Parent-Student Reunification

    • First Aid Education 

These three plans should include informing and training educators, parents and administration so that all parties involved will be prepared. Training educators on first aid, especially trauma wounds gives educators a sense of being prepared. 

  • Involve Students:  Your students are your best source of information. Getting them involved builds trust and empowers them.  Place students in leadership positions and encourage students to report any possible warning signs providing insights adults may have missed.

  • Follow Due Process: Many teachers fear overstepping bounds and giving a student a “black mark” Action must be taken even if it is a false alarm. 

External Security Measures For School Security

One of the first lines of defense for school security is to prevent unauthorized access to school facilities. Here are some methods we recommend:

  • Control Access To The School: Limit the entrances where people can enter.  Some of the ways this can be done is by:

    • Provide identification cards for all school employees

    • Discourage students and teachers by “cheating” and opening doors for family and friends

    • Install metal detectors

    • All visitors must go straight to the office for verification and given ID badge. 

  • Monitor The Property: In addition to security cameras installed in insecure areas outside, hiring a security monitor to supervise the parking lot and oversee who is entering and leaving the campus is beneficial. Monitor high traffic areas such as cafeterias, hallways and gymnasium.

  • Install a Security System:  Installing security cameras, especially tamper proof cameras at prime locations both on the exterior and interior locations of the school. Many security cameras can integrated digital video recorders that can detect motion in a specified area and trigger an alarm or send an alert. 

How C4 Security Can Help

Keeping our children safe while they are at school is of primary importance. The professionals at C4 Security can help your school’s safety by installing security cameras to create a safe environment for everyone in the school. Our team is well educated on the issues the schools face and how to increase their safety.