Why Invest In Access Control For College Campuses

October 17th, 2019

Access control is a security layer that many think of when they think about business complexes or healthcare buildings. What this security measure does is controls access to certain parts of a building or property, allowing only those with authorized access to enter certain parts of a property in order to protect the individuals or property inside. For those who are looking to better secure college campuses, access control is an excellent option for keeping students, staff, and property optimally secure.


How Various Parts Of A Campus Benefit From Access Control


Access control can be utilized in all parts of a college campus. The specific benefits to specific areas of a college campus include:


  • The residence hall – The residence halls of a college campus house students, making it undoubtedly important to keep these areas safe. Access control ensures control over who is entering or leaving these residences, including specific parts of residents like the kitchen, dormitories, or bathrooms. Students in specific residence halls can be granted access cards or passwords that allow them, and only them, to access their dormitory buildings.


  • Classrooms – Classrooms host students, staff, and potentially expensive equipment, so they should be protected. Access control increases classroom security by ensuring authorized access only to these areas, including when certain individuals will be allowed to come inside. If students or staff need to access classrooms off-hours, they can be granted this access with access control, but burglars won’t be granted the same privileges.


  • Recreational buildings and dining halls – Recreational buildings and dining areas will see an immense amount of hustle and bustle throughout an average day. This can mean that outsiders can make their way in pretty unnoticed, allowing non-students, faculty, or staff to come into these areas for any purpose. Access control ensures that dining areas and recreational spaces are only accessible to authorized individuals approved by the college or university.


Why Access Control?


College campuses require a mix of access and open space. They want to entice outsiders and families to visit their campus and check out their offerings in order to attract new students, but they also want their current staff and students to feel safe coming to classrooms, dormitories, or other parts of the property each day. Access control provides better control over access to your college campus and allows you to change or evolve your access control to suit different needs. If you’re having an open house weekend, access control can allow outside individuals access to areas they’re typically not allowed, and access control can be turned back on simply the very minute they open house ends.


Today’s students should enjoy a safe experience at school, no matter the level of school they’re in. College students will be able to relax and focus on their studies when they know that their campus is looking after their safety and their general well-being. If you’re interested in incorporating access control into your college campus, contact us at C4 Security today.