A Closer Look At Security Cameras With Zoom Capabilities

February 11th, 2019

Every Rochester Hills business or home is important to its owner, and protected that property is an absolute must for anyone. One of the absolute best ways to keep a property protected is to invest in a good security system – and a good system includes good cameras. The right surveillance cameras are a must in every security system, and cameras today come with numerous features.

These cameras are also called PTZ cameras – Pan Tilt Zoom. They can actually be controlled using nothing more than a smartphone, and are a key component in many security systems. Understanding a little more about them can help you ensure that you’re choosing the best camera for your specific needs.

Optical Zoom

Today’s cameras often come with zoom features. The way that zoom works is adjustment of the lens on the camera. Optical zoom cameras are similar to binoculars, and maintain focus while the zoom distance itself changes. Magnifications of up to 20X are available.

There are three main types of optical zoom security cameras to choose from. These include the following.

  • IP Security Cameras – IP cameras connect to networks using Wi-Fi, and provide motorized zoom that makes it easy to adjust the overall zoom level of security cameras from anywhere that you are. Using aps on a mobile phone or computer, you can use on screen controls to take over the operation of your cameras from anywhere.
  • Manual Varifocal Cameras – This type of camera lets users adjust zoom level and viewing angle before use. Cameras of this nature aren’t controlled through any kind of app, and are instead simply adjusted using controls on the camera housing unit itself.
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras – Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, also called PTZ cameras for short, allow users to adjust their camera however they need to. Using controls in an app you can place on your phone or computer, you can tilt, pan, and zoom the camera instantly and in real time, giving you more control over your footage.

Digital Zoom

Digital zoom cameras use internal image processing to zoom in and out. Instead of the lens changing, the video that is captured by the camera is enhanced using digital techniques. It’s very similar to zooming in or out on a tablet or PC, and can bring blurry images if zoomed too much since it will enlarge pixels as well.

However, while optical zoom provides a smoother image without loss of quality, digital cameras can allow you to zoom in even after video is recorded, something optical zoom can’t provide.

Finding Your Camera

The best camera for your needs may not always be obvious. That’s why it’s generally best to talk to the pros about your needs, goals, and options. The right security professionals can help you identify the cameras that are best for any specific need and ensure that it is installed and working properly. This way you get exactly the results that you need and know that your property is protected fully from anything.