How Security Cameras Can Verify Compliance

June 7th, 2019

Security systems possess a lot of value, and some of these values are considered non-traditional. Naturally, investments in security systems by Rochester Hills, MI businesses are mainly rooted in safety, but that doesn’t mean that’s where the benefit stops. Verifying compliance is a non-traditional benefit that does go into the safety and security realm, as employee compliance absolutely adds to the overall safety of a business. From medical buildings to manufacturing, compliance is something that business and organization leaders must consider every day.  

For most industries, compliance refers to following government and industry regulations, and non-compliance can be a costly mistake. A business found to be non-compliant may face fines, have lawsuits to deal with, or be shut down altogether. A Rochester Hills business can claim they’re in compliance, but they need to have the proof necessary to back that up. What security camera systems offer is just the necessary proof they need.  


What Do Security Cameras Verify  

Security cameras verify compliance in several different ways. Some of the verifications your security camera system can make are:  


  • Manufacturing processes – Manufacturing processes must follow certain rules to guarantee safety for both workers and consumers who will receive the product. Security cameras capturing your manufacturing processes will have footage ready to prove that your Rochester Hills manufacturing is compliant with all manufacturing rules and regulations.  


  • Equipment is treated properly – Storing and servicing equipment is an important compliance point in a variety of different industries. Where your security camera systems come into play is showing that all storage and servicing is done in line with all industry related rules.  


  • Protective gear is used – In manufacturing, food service, and even healthcare, protective gear rules must be followed. Gloves, masks, and hair coverings must be used in order to maintain sanitary conditions and safe working conditions for employees. To prove that protective gear rules are being followed stringently, your camera footage will show workers on an average workday (or workdays) complying with protective gear regulations.  


  • Secured restricted areas – Restricted areas are just that – restricted. For this reason, these areas must be secured to ensure unauthorized individuals or personnel are unable to gain entry. Security cameras show that a business or organization is compliant with all security rules.  


  • Security processes are being followed – In some industries, certain security practices are mandated to ensure the safety and security of the staff and local public. Your security camera footage will show proof that all security processes are being closely followed.  


Security Cameras As The Investment That Keeps Giving  

Security cameras do have their traditional benefits, like deterring crime and getting evidence collected should a breach of security occur. However, it’s these non-traditional benefits like compliance verification that make security cameras the investment that keeps on giving for businesses and organizations all around Rochester Hills. With security cameras in place throughout a property, owners and management can rest assured that they’re in full compliance with all industry related rules and regulations, and they have the proof to back it up.