Keeping Your Important Footage Protected

September 20th, 2019

Most business or residential property owners actively want to keep their security cameras safe. They’ll invest in vandal proof security camera units, they’ll install their security cameras in locations not reached easily by criminals, and they’ll opt for wireless systems that make sure their cameras cannot be disabled via wire snipping. Security cameras can be damaged, or more rarely even stolen, and what becomes of your security should this occur at your property? 

While a lot of thought and effort goes into protecting your physical camera unit, there is one vulnerability that too many security system owners ignore. Today’s high tech security cameras offer more capabilities than ever before, and they store your footage virtually so that your camera can keep recording without any worry of running out of room. However, this also presents a new security concern, and a new threat from hackers who can access your security systems without ever leaving their homes. 

Modern Security Cameras And Hacking Concerns 

While physical vandals and criminals can be stopped with physical barriers and some good old fashioned outsmarting, it takes a little more savvy to protect from virtual crimes. Criminals can hack into your security camera footage and use this information to track you instead of you using your cameras to track them. They could learn when you’re most likely to be out of the house, where you keep your valuables, when your business is vacant, and how they can best access your area property all by simply hacking into your system. 

It’s crucial to keep protected from the virtual side of the things just like it’s crucial to keep yourself protected from physical acts of vandalism or theft. A few ways to keep yourself and your footage protected from cyber crimes are: 

  • Rotate and change your passwords frequently – Keeping yourself amply protected really can be as simple as keeping a strong password, and changing that password regularly. Passwords shouldn’t be words a person could guess or say, and instead you should choose a random selection of letters, numbers, and symbols that cannot be guessed.
  • Always keep updated – It might be an inconvenience to run updates, but it’s not being done for no good reason. These updates work to put a stop to vulnerabilities that may be found in the system’s software, and they keep your entire system running effectively on the virtual side of things.
  • Consider your cloud – Cloud storage has been a great thing for today’s security systems, as the amount of footage you record has virtually no limit. However, cloud storage also makes your footage more vulnerable. If a hacker accesses your system, or your cloud provider’s system, your footage is right there for the taking. It’s important to opt for cloud service you can trust.

Ample Protection For Your Home Or Business 

Today’s modern security cameras do an unprecedented job at keeping homes and businesses safe, but there are some new vulnerabilities to pay attention to. If you’d like to learn more about keeping your footage safe, contact us at C4 Security today.