Drones Offer A New Perspective On Perimeter Security

April 11th, 2019

Drones are one of the hot new technologies everyone is talking about.  You can use drones to explore a forest from above, you can compete with your friends to make the fastest model, you can add sweeping helicopter shots to your amateur videos, and you can even use them to deliver packages.  Another use for drones is surveillance, and at this point they’re cheap enough to add to just about any Rochester Hills, MI security system.

Cameras Anywhere

If you rig a drone correctly, it barely makes any noise past a few dozen feet, and in a night sky they can be extremely hard to spot.  On the other hand, the camera on a drone can come with features like panning, zooming, and a night vision mode that highlights warm objects like running vehicles and human beings.  More importantly, you can tell a drone to fly just about anywhere over your property, giving you something as mobile as a guard but with as wide a perspective as a security camera.

Automated Missions

Operating a drone remotely demands a person’s full attention.  Otherwise it’s hard to move the camera while keeping the drone away from rooftops, lampposts, and electrical wires.  Fortunately, you can instruct a drone to follow a set path through the air, a routine that takes it all around the building before landing back on its charging pad.  With these programs in place, one person can watch several drone feeds at once and keep an eye on the perimeter.  You can further automate your security by using programs that can identify unknown individuals and have your drone focus on them.

Emergency Response

Something else you can do with a drone is fit it with smoke detectors and other sensors that can detect fires, car crashes, and other emergencies.  When something happens, it can send an alert to security and help them respond quickly.  An operator could even use the drone to look for safe directions and relay that information to the people who need to get out.

Security Integration

The best part of a security drone might be the fact that it can fully integrate with the rest of a comprehensive security system.  If something sets off an alarm in one part of the building or campus, security drones can automatically fly over to the location and point cameras at the windows, roof, and surrounding property.  You can use drones to get a visual on a visitor at the entrance to your building, and drones can help inspect your Rochester Hills, MI property for wear and damage.

Drones are quickly becoming indispensable in many industries and activities, and that includes business security.  With just a drone, a charging pad, and the right software, you can add mobile cameras to your perimeter surveillance system and get a better look at what’s going on just over the fence.  You can also quickly get eyes on an emergency and inspect your property, so drones are a helpful addition to any Rochester Hills, MI business with a large building to watch.